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James Farris Associates is committed to performing personalized outplacement services for every client in a professional and confidential manner.  The following is a list of steps which are designed to afford the highest quality of outplacement services although additional programs are considered depending on the clients needs.

  • Situational Assessment
    Assistance in analyzing the changes brought on by job termination and counseling to develop skills for re-entry into the job market.

  • Personal Evaluation
    Through assessment, interviews, and self-directed projects, development of a thorough skills and personality inventory.

  • Resume-Preparation
    Early development of job-related strengths, accomplishments, and historical information needed for a winning resume.

  • Job Campaign
    Development of contact and target lists, as well as initiation of a networking plan.

  • Search Objective
    Focus on career objective using all available data such as testing, interviewing, and past performance.

  • Self-Marketing
    Use of resume and presentation letter to target potential employers.

  • Interviewing
    Self presentation and interviewing skills are sharpened.

  • Negotiation
    Guidance and advice are provided about salary, perquisites, and other relevant aspects for negotiation.

Additionally, in conjunction with our Executive Search function, we will provide contacts and introductions that could be highly beneficial.

 Outplacement Resources

The following resources are available to all out-placement clients:

  • Individualized Counseling.

  • Library and resource center for assessing the job market.

  • Office Space

  • Phone, Fax and message service.

  • Interviewing Preparation

  • Comprehensive list of recruitment firms and businesses with contact information and locations.

  • Resume development and printing service.

  • Testing to determine vocational interests and job suitability, if desired.

  • Unlimited support by the principals of the firm.

  • Financial Planning.

  • Spousal Counseling.

  • Secretarial Services.

  • Relocation Counseling.

  • Online Networking and Research.



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